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Motorcycles Are Everywhere All Year Long In Arizona

Arizona’s year-round blue skies and excellent weather makes motorcycling attractive. There are other reasons, of course such as saving gas money or prestige. Riding a hog is the ultimate freedom until a crash happens. State laws require motorcyclists to obtain a Class M motorcycle endorsement license to operate a motorcycle. Other safety laws include requiring a transparent face shield such as glasses or goggles while operating the bike. Among other safety regulations, the state requires motorcycles to have headlamps, a rear-view mirror, footrests and secure seats installed on the vehicle.

Splitting traffic lanes is unlawful. For example, a motorcyclist cannot pass another vehicle in the same lane they are driving in and motorists must allow bikes to have a full lane to drive in. Despite these laws, motorcyclists must take it upon themselves to know their bike and become familiar with controlling and operating it on the roads to avoid accidents.

Safe Motorcycling Guidelines

Driving defensively can save your life. In addition to protecting yourself by taking a motorcycle safety course and becoming familiar with your bike before journeying on to public roads, here are other safety guidelines for motorcyclists:

  • Check the weather
  • Check your cables, chains, brakes, oil level and tires on your bike before each journey
  • Wear a safety helmet, clear goggles and protective clothing such as gloves, long sleeve durable shirt or jacket, boots and long pants
  • Turn your headlights on for better visibility
  • Look out for areas that may be subject to sudden animal crossings
  • Watch your speed when encountering poorly maintained roads

Be on the lookout for distracted motorists who may be:

  • Texting or talking on the phone or other passengers
  • Eating while driving
  • Potentially driving while impaired by controlled substances
  • Driving alongside larger vehicles

Even with all the right gear and safety precautions, you do not have control over the negligence of other drivers. Accidents still happen; motorcycle accidents frequently result in critical and sometimes, deadly injuries. If you or a loved are suffering after a motorcycle crash, working with an aggressive motorcycle accident attorney can help you on the difficult path ahead.

After An Accident, Choose Lawyers Who Will Fight Hard For You

You have many law firms to choose from in Arizona after a motorcycle accident. At Law Badgers PLLC, our lawyers focus 100% on personal injury law. We stay current with Arizona’s statutes and case law involving the vast range of injury claims. Do not hesitate, even if you think you may be partially at fault for your injuries. Arizona’s comparative negligence laws mean you may still have a right to collect some compensation. You have only two years from the date of the accident to file a claim to seek compensation to pay for your medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, future wages and health care costs, and pain and suffering.

We are aggressive in and out of the courtroom to ensure your rights to full and fair compensation are protected. Send us an email or call Law Badgers PLLC in Phoenix at 480-856-8128 to learn more about your legal options for filing a motorcycle accident claim.