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3 kinds of businesses that may have liability for a car crash

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The people involved in a car crash frequently blame one another for causing the wreck. As a result, police officers, lawyers and other professionals often have to dig through evidence to accurately establish who is truly at fault for an accident. Typically, crash reports will identify one of the motorists as responsible for the collision, which allows the other parties involved to pursue a personal injury lawsuit and/or an insurance claim for the costs generated during the crash.

Occasionally, a business may bear responsibility for a crash, which could lead to a third-party liability claim. The company’s resources or insurance could help compensate those affected by the crash. These kinds of businesses are commonly held responsible for the harm caused by auto accidents.

1. Bars and restaurants

Arizona has a dram shop law that creates civil liability when businesses violate alcohol service rules. If someone harmed by a drunk driving crash can show that a bar or restaurant served a minor who could not lawfully drink or served too much to someone who was already drunk, it may be possible to hold the business accountable for the crash that occurred after the patron left.

2. Vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers

Sometimes, companies that make vehicles release a few batches with significant production defects. Other times, oversights during the design stage might make a vehicle more dangerous than a company realizes when releasing it to the public. There could also be specific parts supplied by outside companies that cause or worsen crashes. In scenarios where collisions occur because of defective vehicles, manufacturers may have partial responsibility.

3. Employers in any industry

When employees for a business head out onto public roads while on the clock, they create liability for the organization that employs them. A business may have liability for crashes caused by employees on their way to service calls or to make a delivery.

Especially in situations where someone dies or suffers a permanent injury because of a collision, looking to others beyond an at-fault driver for compensation may be necessary. Seeking legal guidance and pursuing a lawsuit in addition to an insurance claim often helps families to more fully cover their losses after a serious car wreck.