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My Tire Had A Blowout

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Badger Blog


So you’re driving down the highway at 65-ish mph when one of your tires blows out. It’s an alarming experience even for the most experienced drivers. For inexperienced drivers, it can cause panic and losing control of the vehicle – very dangerous.

Luckily, almost all blowouts are survivable if you remember just a few key steps.

First, and probably most important, DO NOT PANIC. Stay calm. Don’t step on the brakes. This could cause you to lose control and spin out

Second, try to keep the vehicle going straight. Put your hands firmly on the steering wheel. You are probably going to feel the vehicle pull hard to one side. Resist the urge to overcorrect by turning the wheel sharply. This also could cause you to lose control and spin out.

Third, gently press the gas pedal. Your vehicle is naturally slowing down due to the blowout. Giving it some gas can help you control the vehicle by maintaining forward momentum. Keep going straight and let the vehicle slow down naturally.

Fourth, once the vehicle slows down naturally, without braking, to a safe speed (probably around 20 mph), slowly turn the steering wheel to guide your vehicle off the road. You can now apply the brakes gently as needed.

Fifth, find a safe spot along the road, out of traffic. Hopefully there is a decent shoulder for you to pull onto. Come to a full stop and turn on your emergency blinkers.

If you have a spare tire, and you feel comfortable changing the tire yourself, you can do so. Just be sure you can do it safely, away from traffic. Otherwise, call for roadside assistance. If you are on a highway in Arizona, you can call 911 and let the Arizona State Troopers know where you are at. They will dispatch a Roadside Motorist Assistance vehicle to help you.  In case you’re hesitant to call 911, remember that the Arizona Department of Public Safety website says you should do just that.  Safe travels!

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